New Interview: Ras Kass remembers “Anger Management” tour with Eminem

Remy Gelenidze

Ras Kass has recently sat down with DJ Sanchez for an interview where he talked about touring with Eminem:

First of all, I knew Eminem before Paul Rosenberg and Dr. Dre. I knew him from Detroit, he opened up for me. I already knew them, like they were dope, so just dope people, Trick Trick, Guilty, Proof, Royce, whatever. When Jimmy Iovine brought Eminem to Dr. Dre I was on ‘Rasassasination’. It was my first show and Em popped up. He was in LA, he said Dre got me out here. His manager was black dude from Detroit. It was not Paul. That’s how far we go back. Fast forward to maybe 8 months, they wanted to make a movie and Paul was like they paying $3000 and they want you to do something in the movie, Em did it and I’m like ‘fuck yeah I’ll do it.’ Paul made me money. It was all love. We used to be kids with dreams. Everybody helped and believed each other. Then Paul started managing Xzibit, I had my record deal, everybody had a record deal, that’s how I met Obie Trice. Obie just came out Real Name, No Gimmicks.  I was working going Golden Child, this is before shit was going completely bad. Xzibit had whatever album he had out, he had already done the Dre shit, so he was in a great place, I was coming out with Xzibit and then Eminem’s coming out with D12 and Obie Trice, he hasn’t heard of 50 Cent yet. Then we went and did the Anger Management tour.

Then the tour came overseas but I already had a criminal case so I couldn’t go overseas so that’s when 50 Cent joins, he signs 50 during ‘Anger Management’ tour. The bodyguards, Eminem’s bodyguards were all these Manhattan bodyguard dudes, they were New Yorkers, they had mixtapes, they planned 50 Cent shit, that’s how Eminem heard of 50 Cent. Em signs 50 Cent and then they went on ‘Anger Management’ tour in Europe but I couldn’t go.

Watch the full interview below:

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