Joe Budden reacts on Eminem’s “BANG” diss

Remy Gelenidze

In recently leaked “BANG” original verse, Eminem takes shots at Joe Budden as he raps: “Yeah, shout to Puffy Combs, but f-ck Revolt, Y’all are like a f-cked up remote (Ha-ha), Now I get it why our button’s broke, ‘Cause you press him but he don’t do nothing though (Damn it), ‘Specially when it comes to punches thrown.”

Joe Budden responded to the diss on his podcast: “It’s old verse. You don’t get offended by old verse. I don’t think anybody’s on that right now. I don’t think Em is on that. I don’t think my Slaughterhouse brothers are on that. It’s a GREAT verse tho.” Watch full below:

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