YouTube wrongly terminates Kxng Crooked’s ‘Hitmaker’ channel & all Crook’s Corner interviews are now gone

Remy Gelenidze

Last night, Kxng Crooked broke the news about YouTube wrongly terminating his Hitmaker channel, where almost all the Crook’s Corner interviews were placed, including the recent interviews from Eminem and Rakim.

YouTube terminated our Hitmaker channel. All the interviews are gone. Let me tell you what happened. Apparently, a bigger content company used one of our clips, the Eminem interview to be more specific and that’s fine. People re-purpose clips all the time especially news about somebody as popular as Eminem is. The bigger company decides to use the clip from our interview and YouTube decides cause this company is bigger they must own the footage and we must be stealing the footage and they decided to terminate our whole channel.” says Crooked.

Kxng was supposed to drop Griselda interview on the next episode but YouTube f**ked it up. You can check out Crook’s video appeal below and please go on social media, tag YouTube, tell them the truth and support Kxng for the culture!

Also, subscribe Kxng’s back-up channel here.

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