Hopsin talks why Eminem is getting so much hate

Remy Gelenidze

Hopsin has recently done an Instagram Livestream where one of the fans asked why longevity rappers are getting so much hate. On that, Hopsin responded: 

“Everybody gets hate. A lot of guys are saying Eminem. I personally do not think Eminem gets a lot of hate. I think the only reason you guys feel that way or we all may feel that way is because he puts the spotlight on the hate so then we know. I think he puts the spotlight on it so then you are like ‘oh s**t people said that things about him’ and then we go ‘oh damn that he’s saying things about the people’ and then I think it just makes it feel like that. I guess people hate on him because he said that people hate on him.”

“Everybody gets hate, I don’t think it’s possible to be a big artist and not have people who don’t like them, everybody has something about them that somebody doesn’t like.” 

Watch the video below: 


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