New Interview: D.A. Doman talks working with Eminem on MTBMB

Remy Gelenidze

In the latest installment of “Studio Sessions,” D.A. Doman talks how secretive Eminem is about his music. You can read the conversation below: 

How did you end up with three placements on Eminem’s latest album?

Basically, Eminem really liked my stuff. Maybe six or seven months ago, I sent some beats to Steven Victor for Eminem. The thing that makes this complicated is I also sent some beats to Mike Heron [Herald] at Shady [Records] for Eminem. So, I don’t really know who placed what. The last one I did — ‘No Regrets’ — I sent straight to Paul Rosenberg, Eminem’s longtime manager and the CEO at Def Jam. That’s how that joint happened for sure. Eminem keeps his stuff really under wraps, so I don’t really know all of the details.

So, how soon before the album did you know you were going to be on it?

I knew real close to when the album got released. Em’s really big on keeping things on the low and surprising his fans when he drops. It’s similar to Beyonce. A few of the biggest artists do these surprise drops. This is the wave for a lot of the biggest A-list artists.

Did you know Juice WRLD was going to be on ‘Godzilla’?

Nah, I didn’t know until soon before the album came out. I can’t speak on it too much, but it’s crazy that I have another record with Juice coming that’s not with Eminem. It’s a real classic record. I can’t say who the artists are, but he was a huge talent. He was the complete package. He was a phenomenal writer. He was a phenomenal rapper. He was great with melodies. He was punchy and had an amazing voice. It was a blessing to work with him.

Eminem’s known to put his own spin on beats. What changes did he make to the ones you sent in?

I don’t want to reveal too much because Eminem is real secretive with how he works.

What about those beats did you think fit Eminem’s sound?

I definitely felt the ‘Godzilla’ beat fit Em. On ‘Godzilla,’ he said, ‘This beat is cray cray’ and on ‘Those Kinda Nights,’ he said, ‘This beat is taking me back to my D12 days.’ Both those beats fit Em.


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