The D.O.C. says Joyner Lucas reminds him young Eminem

Remy Gelenidze

N.W.A. long time collaborator The D.O.C. has recently set down with Vibe magazine to talk about many things, including Kendrick Lamar and Joyner Lucas. Check the conversation below.

Circling back to the Compton album. Kendrick Lamar had some gems on there. Did you ever lend your expertise to him?

I would never ever lift my voice to tell Kendrick sh*t except “you’re dope.” This is how much respect I have for that kid. When he was doing his stuff on Compton and he was writing, nobody was in the room but him. I just went and sat next to him. Didn’t say sh*t, didn’t do sh*t, we didn’t say s*it to each other. I just sat next to him. Once it was over and he laid his sh*t, I told him how much I appreciated him. Then he left. About two or three months later he put my name in the Taylor Swift record (“Bad Blood”). When I heard that I was like “wow,” maybe I had a moment with this kid. It’s so humbling when that happens ‘cause it says that you meant something to somebody.

Any other artists right now that you’re feeling on that level?

I think Joyner Lucas’ wordplay is just as exquisite. When I hear him I hear a young Eminem. I’m drawn to great wordplay like that. The concepts to his fu**ing songs are throwbacks to when Em’ first came, just nutty. Him and K. Dot are probably my favorite guys in the world when you talk about rappers.

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