The Game says only Eminem or Jay Z collab tempts him to come out of retirement

Remy Gelenidze

The Game has recently set down with NME Magazine for a long interview where the Compton legend touched many topics, including Eminem, 50 Cent and Dr. Dre. You can read those parts below:

On Eminem:

“The thing I admire most about Eminem is his will to stay at the top of his game. His longevity – just the fact that he’s been around so long. The only rapper that is still around and has that skillset and is still at the top of their game is Lil Wayne.”

“When I made “We Ain’t” with Eminem, at that time I was starstruck. Even though I would see him every other day because we were both signed to Aftermath. I was just this humble kid from Compton. I would love the chance of getting to go back in with Eminem being at the top of my game and being who I am now. I know that I can hold my own and I definitely wouldn’t get killed on my own s**t.”

“Maybe an Eminem collab or a Jay-Z collab might tempt me out of retirement – either of them’d do it for me.”

On 50 Cent:

“At one point me and 50 really wanted to kill each other. I had a deep hate for him and he had a deep hate for me. We literally should have been another version of Biggie and Tupac. We both should have died in that beef. There was a lot of dangerous s**t going on. We were shooting at each other; our squads were shooting at each other. It was on sight. It was gun shots and people getting stabbed. It went even bigger than 50 and me and our entourages – it was our fans. The fans had to pick and they were split up and even they were fighting.”

“So, squashing that beef was probably the best thing for me and him to do. I’m glad we did it. Beefs usually don’t get squashed until someone gets murdered. That’s just how it is where I come from.”

On Dr. Dre:

“I wanna do what Dre did with his label Aftermath. You find your Snoop Doggs, Eminems, 50 Cents and The Games and Kendrick Lamars. Dr. Dre doesn’t make mistakes. Everybody he’s put to the forefront is a f**king superstar.”

Read the full interview on NME here.

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