Is Eminem dissing Cardi B on “Marsh” ?

Remy Gelenidze

In the new song, “Marsh,” from new album, Music To Be Murdered By, Eminem raps: “Ho thinks her snatch is magical, But that’s how she attracts men, though, Traps ’em and attack similar to an actual arachnid or a vaginal tarantula or black widow, In fact it’ll be nothin’ to throw that lil’ b**ch with a capital B out the back window.

Cardi B has recently admitted to having drugged and robbed multiple men while love-making with them when she worked as a stripper. Eminem points out the similarities between Cardi and the Latrodectus spiders. The females of these spiders are well known for the fact that they will occasionally eat their mate after reproduction. Check the video below for more clearance: 


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