Royce 5’9″ talks working with Eminem on “MTBMB,” beef with Yelawolf, “The Allegory” & more

Remy Gelenidze

About producing for Eminem on “Music To Be Murdered By”

It’s a blessing. It’s definitely a blessing. You know, Marshall is my dear friend, but nothing comes free. He does everything that he does on a top-notch level. You have to earn your keep if you wanna get that spot. You have to work for it. You gotta qualify. He’s not going to just rap over anything. So for him to choose a couple of my beats to rap on, it’s an honor.

About “Darkness” and “You Gon’ Learn” 

I sent him the “Darkness” beat and he wrote to it at the house. He called me and was like, “Yo. I got something to that beat. Send me the stems.” Em is a way more seasoned producer than me. He added like a lot of instruments on top of it and once he did that, after he laid his vocals, then it started to really, really become a record.

“You Gon Learn” was actually a song that I had for my album. I went in from where I was at with the album at that time and I played some of the songs that I had for him and he really messed with that one [laughs]. I can’t exactly remember how it happened, but I remember telling him, “You can have it if you want it? Don’t get it twisted. What’s mine is yours? You’re still my good friend.” I gave it to him and he did his magic to it. He added instruments to it, he added his shit to it, murdered it and that’s how the blessing happened.

About beef with Yelawolf

Just like I said in the song, I’m not gonna put it on blast, [but] he could have handled it many ways. He chose to handle it how he handled it and that’s cool with me. Otherwise, I’m a very peaceful man. I pride myself in unifying. I feel like hip-hop is the one engine that can unify everybody. Really, really dope hip-hop music is something racists can agree on, everybody can agree on. For people who like Trump and don’t like Trump. Everybody can agree on a really dope Kendrick record. Everybody can really agree on a crazy Cole record. Through hip-hop that’s possible.

Yelawolf, man, that’s just negativity. I don’t look at it as something I want to hang my hat on. I’ve done that before. I know the ending to that movie. I know how to do that every which way. The easy part is trying to come to a resolution in these types of situations. It’s just unfortunate that you can’t just do that with everybody. That’s cool, too. I haven’t existed this long being stupid, remember that.

About The Allegory album

 It’s kind of like a party that everybody is going to kind of forget and take their minds off momentarily. A lot of really ill things are going on in the world and the music industry. So I think if you’re going to have a whole bunch of music that’s going to serve as that getaway then you gotta have that balance, you gotta have that one album that’s going to push the mirror in front of the truth and make you look at it just for a second.

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