Chuck Kelly: “Eminem dissed Nick Cannon cause he’s clout chaser”

Remy Gelenidze

NCredible Music Senior Vice President Chuck Kelly has recently talked with HipHopDX where he talked about Eminem and Nick Cannon feud. Kelly says:

“Nick Cannon’s first two diss tracks were really just friendly-fire since he clearly had their beef still on his mind and had so much to say about it. People keep accusing Nick of clout chasing and that he is doing it for attention. I do not understand how that is even possible, like how can even get more attention? He is on television and the radio every day. The Masked Singer is number one show.”

“It really is not that. And for 10 years, he did not say anything. He just minded his business. He pretty much let it go, and for Em to bring it back up, who is the one clout chasing? Is it because Nick is visible everywhere? Is it because Mariah has another number one song? We do not know where it came from. Fat Joe is our hommie. We did not know where it came from. It was shocking, but as a man, Nick is like, ‘Enough is enough.’ He and Mariah are still very close. People do not seem to understand that. A lot of people seem like they did not hear Fat Joe’s album or they not up on where this all came from or what. People are so used to just the click-bait.”

“I did not know anything about that ‘Ole Foolish Pride’ song. How did anybody let him get away with that for so long?! I can not believe he got away with saying that. He has got a great PR team because they buried that.”

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