New Interview: Yelawolf talks Eminem & MGK beef in detail

Remy Gelenidze

Yelawolf has recently set down with HipHopDX to finally address Machine Gun Kelly and Eminem beef. You can read and watch the interview below:

“My phone blew up. I heard the song probably 0.2 seconds after it hit the internet. My phone was blowing up. I got links back to back from everybody. So I heard it immediately.” 

“Way before that, me and Jim Jonson went to MGK’s Nashville show, we went, hang out, talking about music and my record came around the table for Trunk Muzik that I thought it would be perfect for him.” 

“I can’t take all the credit, because DJ Paul told me to put MGK and Eminem on this record and let’s f**king go. And I was like ‘Marshall will never go for that.’ but I said I’m in. So I laid my verse. Sent it to MGK, got MGK’s verse back to me. And I sent that to Marshall. Crickets. I ain’t heard nothing. I took that as he didn’t want to do that. And some months later, BOOM, he drops his diss record to MGK.” 

“Kamikaze. Nobody knew it was coming. I didn’t know he had a record in the bag. I didn’t even know he was working on the album. So when it dropped I already had MGK feature on my pocket.” 

“I was like, what I’m gonna do now?! And I put it out. Truth be told, loyalty, I called Marshall and I was like ‘I gotta a record with hommie and I really really like it’ and he was like ‘man, f**k it, run it, people need to hear that.’ Marshall has always been selfless with me, what I do, always. He always been a champion for me. If it works for me, he’s behind it. He’s not a hater. That was his deal and he hold it down on his own.”

“There was not gonna be a side to be taken and if there was, obviously I ride with Shady. If it meant that we had to go to war or something like that and Marshall’s like ‘I need you for this’ I’m with him. I mean, Marshall is, he’s psycho. I’ve been around Marshall like overseas and.. I walked in the dressing room and his was rhyming some crazy stuff for 2 minutes and one of the lines was ‘I put Dakota’s car keys in Yoda’s Starship’ [laughs] and every other syllable, every other syllable rhymed with that. And Paul was there, filming, turns camera to me and I’m like ‘the f*ck you want me to say!?” I’ve seen him sit there, stack rhymes, memorizing and lyrically there’s something wrong with that guy [laughs].” 

“For MGK, wow, that was really impressive. First of all, the speed of the comeback. He was very convinced and stood his ground. And I thought that was respectable. You are hater if you say he didn’t hold it down himself. Marshall is not an easy task.”  

Watch interview below: 

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