Eminem – “Everything” (Lyrics)

Remy Gelenidze

Song: Everything

Artist: Eminem

Producers: Jeff Bass and Eminem

Album: King Mathers (Never Released)

Recorded: 2007

Interpolates: “Touch Down” by T.I., featuring Eminem



CD’s ain’t selling no more anyways man…

Look at SoundScan

I really don’t think it matters if…


Everything I do is number one that makes you two

And that spells trouble for me and you

‘Cause that’s how beef starts between crews

And I don’t mind if I debut at number two

So why do you? If we make money

And why can’t you be satisfied with what you do?


It’s like our legacy’s pregnant, we’re planting eggs every record

They’re beggin’ me to release a CD every other second

But don’t expect it, ’cause every time I get hit with that question

I just deflect it, get Cashis or 50’s record and check it

And Buck is out like get these motherf**kers out ‘fore I smack ’em

Plus T.I. just dropped an album now, go out and get that one

And I got a whole stable of artists who’s able and fully capable

Of holdin’ a label ’til I figure out when I’m ready to drop

Or maybe not, Shady, look how hot you were on top

You were pop, you were so popular, now you’re not

You’re all washed up entrepreneur, how’s it possible?

Well, it’s not, if your little fickle minds would’ve caught on, but you didn’t

See, I don’t rap for the green, I mean, I ain’t greedy

But I also know what it’s like to be needy, and I will never

Go back to poverty, see, it ain’t easy to try to step

Away from entertainment, separate it from CDs

And everyday it just seems like we’re beefin’, even the media’s

Meat eaters, they gotta give you something to read

Or you won’t buy it, believe what you wanna believe

Let ’em feed to you the BS, P.S., peace to T.I.

You gon be ‘aight and we out




Hold your head up on ’em!

You know how we do what we gonna do

When we do it and we don’t give a fuck what you’re doin’

We gon’ touchdown! Back up in the private charter plane!

We gon’ touchdown! You know we gon’ get it crackin’ man!

We gon’ touchdown! I told you ain’t no way to keep ’em quiet

With T.I. and Shady, baby, they gon’ make a bigger riot

When we touchdown!

Lyrics via Genius.

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