New Interview: Yelawolf explains how business works between Shady Records and Interscope

Remy Gelenidze

HipHopDX caught up with Yelawolf for the exclusive interview about his upcoming album Ghetto Cowboy where he also touched Shady Records topic: 

HipHopDX: As a label boss, was there anything, in particular, you learned from your time at Shady with Eminem?

Yelawolf: Well, when you talk about Slumerican, you have to use the term label very loosely. I have never come out by saying Slumerican is a music label or anything like that because labels have a specific infrastructure. Slumerican is a culture brand really. It is an umbrella to create music and join a fanbase that understands the style of music that you are making.

As far as becoming an official label, Ghetto Cowboy would be the first album with this type of promotion, push and potential. We are still a baby company wise in regards to measuring it against companies that have been around for ten or twenty years. It takes a lot of time and a lot of mistakes to build a brand and company. Being with Shady is learning the power of branding.

There is Shady and then there is Interscope. It is big bank and then a blanketed promotional company to support that investment. That investment comes into Shady and Shady blankets that with the co-sign of Marshall and all that comes with that, which is a lot.

That is what I am doing on a tiny scale. Introducing people to my circle, fanbase and brand. Just letting it be what it is. If you like it, you like it. If you pass on it, you pass on it. It is not like spending payola to get radio spins. If your cardboard cutout is more noticeable than your music, then you need to rethink your music.

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