New Interview: Conway talks learning from Eminem, Shady Records debut & more

Remy Gelenidze

HipHopDX has recently set down with Conway The Machine for an exclusive interview about his upcoming projects and plans. 

HipHopDX: Griselda has made huge strides independently, but the big news came when y’all inked the deal with Shady Records. How did the deal come together? Did you initially connect with Eminem, Paul Rosenberg or someone else in the Shady camp?

Conway: We connected with Paul. We was looking for management at the time. So, we was really just trying to figure out what works on the management side of things with Paul’s management company. He pulled Eminem’s coat to our shit. Eminem heard our music and heard “The Cow” — that record and other stuff I did — and he just was like, “I want to do something bigger and better for those guys.” So, that’s how we ended up doing the deal that we did with Shady Records and Interscope.

HipHopDX: You obviously got to work with Eminem on the single “Bang.” How much of a relationship have you developed with Em? Have you had any deep discussions with him or learned any lessons?

Conway: Absolutely. We had some talks. We kicked it a few times. I went up there to Detroit and holla’d at him. I seen him kicking it backstage at some shows and shit. I always try to get a little lesson or jewel or gem, a tip, some advice, some encouragement.

I’m like a sponge, so I kind of already do that with everybody. But I definitely I wanted to do that with him because it’s Eminem. He’s one of the biggest artists ever — biggest-selling artist ever and one of the most dope lyricists ever. So, I’m really big on lyricism. I know he’s big on lyricism. With him and the same thing with Royce Da 5’9, I want to learn as much as I can from them boys. It’s conversations and talks. And mostly, it’s just what can I do to get better? How can I get better at this craft? And I just watch and learn from them two in particular. I fuck with them niggas.

HipHopDX: On this latest project, your lyrical prowess is unmistakable. You spoke about learning lessons from Eminem and Royce. I’m wondering who are some of the MCs that inspire you as a writer and make you want to compete at that elite level?

Conway: Definitely guys like Em, Royce, JAY-Z, Sean Price, Elzhi, Black Thought, [Andre] 3000, Scarface, Ice Cube, Prodigy, Kool G [Rap], niggas like that. Westside Gunn. Just guys like that.


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