Hopsin blames Bizarre for using him for promotion of his mixtape

Remy Gelenidze

Couple of weeks ago, Bizarre announced a mixtape titled “Bizarre X Hopsin – The Leatherface Mixtape” with both’s faces on the cover and people (including us) thought it was a joint tape of the two but as it turns out Hopsin is featured only on one song. The LA rapper was not happy about Bizarre for using him as a promotion: 

“This is not my album or mixtape at all. This cover is false advertising and misleading. I did one verse of this project and had nothing to do with the rest of it.”

“I never approved that album cover. I got love for Bizarre but I ain’t about the dirty business. Plus he never responded my management about the splits and money for the song. I’m a nice guy but I ain’t about to get played. So just letting you know that ni**a is catfishing you.” 

“I ain’t really mad and this ain’t no beef. But as a business man, it annoys me. I don’t get down like that. He can have the verse for free. I don’t need the money but c’mon son, don’t market the album with my face. Use your face.” 

Check out Hopsin’s Instagram Stories below: 


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