T.I.: “I love Eminem, greatest lyricist known to man but I can’t relate some of his lyrics”

Remy Gelenidze

Rhythm + Flow castmates Tip T.I. Harris and Chance the Rapper sit down to discuss the state of hip-hop/rap culture and how their new hip-hop competition show is changing the way artists break into the business and command the culture in a conversation moderated by Charlamagne tha God. While discussing, T.I. had some words for Eminem:

“I listen to Eminem and I love Eminem. One of the greatest lyricists known to man but I can’t really identify with the things he’s talking about. No matter how much I love, appreciate and admire his skills set I will never be able to identify with the feeling he’s describing in the songs.”

“I guess this is the same way other guys will think about Tupac. White guys love Tupac but as much as they admire his passion and his contribution. They can’t really relate completely to what he embodies.”

“Both are fire. It’s great that we transcendent these racial divides and age and generational artists. That’s phenomenal. That’s what the culture meant to do. Bring us together. Make us focus on things that we have in common more than we do things that tear us apart.”

“It’s like ‘I ain’t f**k with you and you don’t f**k with me but there is one joint here that we both smoke. That’s where the growth of evolution comes from.”

Watch the episode below:

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