Fan Theory: What is Eminem planning ?

Remy Gelenidze

One of the Southpawers, Codi Tower, has recently hit our DMs with his really interesting theory on what’s happening around Eminem lately. We give you his theory word by word, without any changes below: 

“Eminem’s albums keep getting trashed by all these new kids and mumble rappers. So he’s gonna make an album that’s not FOR them. Eminem is gonna get a bunch of old school rappers on his album and the concept is going to be about bringing hip hop back to where it came from. Or, maybe a love letter to real hip-hop: 

1. Andre 3000 once said he’d only come back for something special.

2. Royce is fed up with new school too.

3. It would put Jamar in his place.

4. Most of these producers connecting on Eminem’s stuff are old school.

5. Logic has Wu-tang connections and has been able to get them to all come out of retirement a year ago for a song on his album. Eminem seems to like Logic a lot. He even followed him for a bit.

6. “We NEED to bring back 3 stacks (Andre 3000).” Eminem raps on “The Ringer.” Maybe Eminem is the one to bring him back?

7. Its already a fact that Dre was with Andre 3000 in studio.

8. Big Boy would be very excited about an album with old heads. He loves the classics.

9. Remember the selfie with Snoop? Snoop is an OG. Eminem is doing an album with all OG’s.

10. Remember the Smokey Robinson selfie? Him and Anderson .Paak released a song “Make It Better” this year, produced by Dr. Dre. This mean Smokey was in Dre’s studio. And this means Em’s selfie was in Dre’s studio probably.

11. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that the selfies with Snoop, Smokey, and Dre, were all in the same studio. This means Eminem has been working on a secret album for years.

12. Eminem just re-released his old school merch and classic tour shirts!

13. There’s even more clues of a throw back album with OG’s in his recent lyrics. On “Rainy Days” he raps: “I left my legacy hurt?… F**k what you heard. All this talk in my ear… I got an idea…” But he never explains his idea. I think bringing back the old school is his idea! 

14. His whole “Rainy Day” verse helps my theory too. Says he’s about to wake up, Marshall is dead in the water but he has Dre as a pier. 

15. On “Bang” he raps: “Compare me to Nas, Biggie or Pac…” “You’re looking at the charred remains of Charlamain the God.” He does this all the time. “Chloraseptic (Remix)” and “Caterpillar” hinted Kamikaze album. 

16. He’s been leaving clues all over for years. He’s been setting this up for a long time getting all the old school people in a studio. 

If you want to check more reviews and theories from Codi Tower, you can check his Instagram here.

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