Ice T: “Eminem was getting much more hate from white audience than black audience.”

Remy Gelenidze

HotNewHipHop has recently done an exclusive interview with Ice T where the legendary rapper recalled meeting Eminem on Warped Tour back in 1999. Ice said:

“I met Eminem when he was on Warped Tour and the white kids were booing him. The white kids were throwing shit at him. That’s when they used to use the term “wigger.” They didn’t like him because it was a punk rock tour. Now I was out there rapping, they didn’t have a problem with me, or with Black Eyed Peas before Franny. But when he got up there they felt it was okay to be disrespectful. And I watched him weather that storm.”

“I asked him back then, I said, “what do you want out of this?” He said, “Well I wanna be around like you and Dre.” Way back then he was concerned with longevity. And he was always a supernatural rapper, he was incredible, but was he going to be able to weather the storm?”

“Now, the white kids love him! But he had to pay his dues. It was funny though, not funny, but he was getting much more tension from the white audience than the black audience.”

Check Ice T’s tweet from last month about Eminem and full interview after the jump below: 

For the full interview, hit the link here.

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