New Interview: King Lil G says Eminem is the greatest rapper of all time

Remy Gelenidze

L.A. Weekly  magazine has recently caught up with King Lil G to discuss what exactly legally happened with his royalties, his desire to help immigrants who are separated from their families, and why Eminem is his favorite rapper.

Who’s in your Top 5?

I’m only saying this because I believe in numbers: the more people you reach, the more successful the rapper. It is not even about my favorite because my list would be a lot different. #1 is definitely Eminem. Eminem as far as making an impact in the culture. When it comes to worldwide success not only in the United States, there is no other artist in the world. I actually looked up these numbers and made the list at home.

#2 would be Tupac, we already know all the reasons. West Coast identifies a lot with me. 3rd one: Outkast. Just the culture, the impact they made was extremely dope and I respect it. People forget. S**t, I’m going to be the one to remind them. Plus they definitely have the numbers to prove that. #4 would be Notorious BIG. #5 would be Jay Z.

Favorite Eminem song?

Damn there is so many. The one he did with Nate Dogg! [sings beat] What is the name of that one?

“‘Till I Collapse”?

There it is. I smoke a lot of weed, I could not remember. [chuckles]

Read the full interview on LA Weekly here and watch his most popular music video below:

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