HipHopDX News: Page Kennedy breaks down 6 aspects why Eminem is considered the GOAT

Remy Gelenidze

Page Kennedy has recently hosted one of HipHopDX’s shows to breakdown the reasons why Eminem is considered one of the GOATs to show Lord Jamar and his opinion’s followers why street credibility is not necessary to be considered a GOAT.

1. Lyrical Ability

As a technical rapper, Eminem is one of the best. So even if you don’t like his music, there is no denying his skill.

2. Cultural Impact

There is no denying that Eminem has made a massive impact on hip-hop culture. From bringing it to whole new audience to his flows, features, albums, etc and even if you want to discredit Em’s personal impact, let’s look at his legacy: Eminem gave us 50 Cent who had one of the biggest debut of all time and the streets are definitely f**king with 50 Cent and Eminem wrote a lot of Dr. Dre’s best work. Some of the newer generation’s greatest MCs have credited Eminem of being on of the biggest inspirations, from Kendrick to Cole.

3. Catalog

Eminem’s major debut album, The Slim Shady LP, received general acclaim from critics and many argue that it is a classic. His second album, The Marshall Mathers LP is widely regarded as a classic and many consider The Eminem Show is a classic too.

4. Commercial Success

Lord Jamar will argue that you can’t be considered a GOAT simply because of your success and record sales and I agree. But, you also can’t be in GOAT conversation if you don’t have at least some level of success because then you’ll be Lord Jamar (HAHAHA)…. Eminem is highest selling rapper.

5. Battle Tested

If you want to be included in GOAT conversation, you have to be battle tested. It’s pretty widely accepted that nobody wants smoke with Eminem. Even on his last album, with all the disses that he threw out, the only rapper that responded on wax is MGK. That includes Lord Jamar who caught some bullets and only replied on VLAD’s couch. Em’s battle’s include Ja Rule, Canibus, Benzino, Everlast and many more.

6. Respect From Your Peers

When Lord Jamar argues that you can’t be in GOAT conversation without the air in streets, I would argue to have respect from you peers aka other great MCs is much more important and almost top-tier MC ever stepped on the mic has given Eminem credit as being one of the best to do it.

At the end of the video, Page says: “Lord Jamar if you watching this, which I know you is motherf**ker you ain’t got nothing else to do, the world is bigger than just New York and the hood.”

Watch the full breakdown below:

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