Tyler The Creator talks Eminem dissing him, explains why “Relapse” is the best album & more

Remy Gelenidze

Tyler The Creator has recently sat down with Funk Flex for a very long and honest conversation. In the interview, Tyler touched many topics, including Eminem dissing him on Kamikaze album and why Relapse is better than any other recent Eminem releases. 

“I used to love XXL alot cause I was big Eminem fan. I was 11. I loved Marshall and he said ‘f*ck The Source’ so I loved it. He’s my favorite rapper, he really inspired me but I don’t like his new stuff and he doesn’t like that I don’t like the new stuff.” 

“He dissed me on his last album and I remember hearing it. I love Paul too. I don’t want to go full explanation but alright f*ck it. He put out Relapse that I like. It was weird but it was him. He was himself and it was f*cking sick but people trashed it and he came back with Recovery sh*t with the pop hooks, this is gonna sell and that sh*t worked. Everyone gave high-five.” 

“I personally didn’t like it but okay, I see what it was. Fans that didn’t really like it were like ‘I want old Em, I want MMLP Em.’ I don’t know but it feels like he read that he was like ‘damn, let me get back and rehash to moment. And when people go back, this is the grossest f*cking thing. Move forward, get what you are into for real.” 

“I don’t want to hear that. ‘I’mma go back cause that’s what they want.’ F*ck what they want. Give them what you want. This is just a fan perspective. I could be a f*cking idiot.” 

Watch the interview below: 

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