Tony A explains why Dr. Dre refused to produce for Michael Jackson & Madonna

Remy Gelenidze

Murder Master Music Show linked up with iconic West Coast figure Tony “The Wizard” A, DJ for Hi-C and the west coast establishment The Roadium. We are a bit late to write about the interview cause it originally ran in April, but it is important to share it with our readers.

“Dr. Dre was a very very smart dude, even then when he was just doing mixtapes, he knew the business already. Ten steps ahead of everyone. Every time I went to Sir Jinx’s house, I never saw Dr. Dre sitting around eating a bag of chips watching TV. He was always on the phone, always on the drum machine, he was always making moves. Eazy E was the same way. He was always showing people his music, his demos.”

“Dre loved east coast music. A lot of their beats were sampled from east coast artists. I will take it further, east coast artists love Dre’s production. I was in the studio when EPMD went there, and Chuck D went there. They wanted Dre to produce some of their songs. The east coast was definitely influenced by Dre.”

“Madonna, Michael Jackson, wanted Dre to produce tracks for them. Let me tell you why he did not. Not only because he was signed exclusive to Eazy, but he had so many projects, he could not. He did not have the time. It was only one goose to lay the golden eggs.”

For the full interview, hit the video below:

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