Kxng Crooked speaks about times when Hip-Hop world tried to cancel Eminem

Remy Gelenidze

Kxng Crooked has recently hit No Jumper I was honored and excited to get him in the studio for an almost two hours interview, which covers from the Kxng’s formative teenage year spent in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to the tragedies that affected his family while growing up in Long Beach, California. He also talked about Eminem: 

“I was right there, dog, when Benzino played the Eminem tape [tape where Eminem uses the world ‘ni**a’ and insults black girls]. He really played that tape, bro. He did a press conference; he played that tape. My whole thing is, at that time, I didn’t know Eminem. I was always taught to sit down with the person. Talk to the person. Communicate. And then, see what’s up.”

“At that time, I was signed to Death Row Records, which was actively releasing disses aimed at Eminem and That s**t right there, that shook the culture up for me. It didn’t work.”

“Eminem’s a great dude, and he cares about s**t. That’s why I was not f**king with the whole culture when they started to talk about him and Revival and the 2017 BET Awards freestyle condemning Donald Trump. Is it real? Does he feel like that, or is he trying to ride a wave?’ Nah, motherf**ka, I know this guy. That’s how he feels! He don’t want to turn on the TV and keep seeing little Black kids keep getting gunned down by the police! How hard is it for you to believe that that bothers him?”

“I feel like people did have a decent point though: ‘Eminem hasn’t had s**t to say about this, but then all of a sudden he’s doing an album rollout, and he’s got something to say.’ I’m not necessarily saying that that’s a true thing about him, but there’s a lot of rappers and people who don’t have s**t to say politically until it’s advantageous for them, and they need some headlines.” – Interviewer

“Well, you know what, bro? And he even touched on this when he did his interview with Sway, I had this song called ‘I Can’t Breathe’ dedicated to Eric Garner, rest in peace. I had a line where I said ‘White rappers shouldn’t stay quiet,’ about this s**t that’s goin’ on. Eminem told me; he said, ‘Man, I felt the f**k outta that line.’ So I even think I planted a small seed for him to say, ‘You know what? Crook’ might be right.’ So I just think it was genuine.”

“I think if he comes with that type of content, people protest him and s**t. His protests used to come from outside of the culture. He was saying wild s**t! A lot of people responded by banning Eminem. With the Revival s**t, his protests came from inside the culture. Rap media people and muthaf**kas attacking his motivation. To me, it was really the first time I’d seen him be attacked from the inside of the culture. ‘Cause everybody respects Em’, his pen is incredible. This dude gets on stage with 80,000 people in the crowd and he wears a Lakim Shabazz or a King Sun t-shirt, some dudes that none of his fans know about, but they go look ’em up and might even purchase something off iTunes just ’cause they seen Em’ wearing the shirt. And he does it on purpose, for the culture. So it was an odd time for me, man, to just watch that, watch the game turn on him. But it’s good they did, ’cause then he came back with Kamikaze.”

Watch the interview below: 

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