Cypress Hill’s B-Real says there exists unreleased Eminem diss song by Everlast

Remy Gelenidze

B-Real of legendary hip-hop group Cypress Hill has revealed to NME Magazine that he once played a main part in stopping an unreleased Eminem diss record by House Of Pain’s Everlast from coming out.

B- Real says: “I just think it was some sort of miscommunication. I knew that Eminem and Everlast admired each other in spite of the beef. Em would say that Everlast was someone who opened the door for guys like him, so I knew there was a respect there. I knew Everlast to be a student of Hip-Hop and someone who appreciates real MC work so he liked Eminem too in that regard.”

The feud between the two have started when Eminem didn’t acknowledge Everlast when the two passed each other in a hotel lobby. Eminem explained that he was rushing for his performance and did not need to “bow down” to him.

The beef started with Everlast taking shots at Eminem and his daughter Hailie Jade in his guest verse on Dilated Peoples’ ‘Ear Drums Pop (Remix)’. Eminem then responded with his diss track ‘I Remember.’ Everlast hit back with ‘Whitey’s Revenge’ and then Eminem fired off  with ‘Quitter’, a track that halfway through hears the beat switch to 2Pac’s ‘Hit ‘Em Up’. And the beef ended right there but it looks like there was a track coming from Everlast but it was never released:

B-Real continues: “Everlast gave me a call. He said, ‘Hey man, before anybody gets hurt, especially the fans, why do not you call Em and tell him we should talk about this.’ And I do not think it was a point of weakness, he was just thinking of the fans, because it is the fans that usually get hurt in the crossfire of two artists fighting, you know what I’m saying? So I hit up Eminem and was like, ‘Hey man, E wants to squash this thing. There’s no need for it to go any further.’ And he was like, ‘I just want you to know I did not start this and I did not want this but this is what happened and this is what made me react’. I got it, he got, it was just miscommunication. Fortunately the beef went away and they went back to their normal lives, but it was a bit intense for a second because there was some serious lyrical warfare jumping off.”

B-Real adds: “Everlast is no slouch, he can get with the best of them. He did not release his last song. He had another song aimed at Em. It was not a rap though, it was him singing and it was pretty f**king good. But it never got out because he asked me to speak with Em on behalf of the innocent fans and road crews that could have got hurt over this particular bulls**t. So it never came out, he holstered it and it did not escalate past that. People would have been like, ‘Oh s**t!’ But he thought about how people could get hurt behind this s**t because, you know, Eminem’s got very intense and loyal fans, they are dedicated. And Everlast does too but at the time Em was like Elvis so to go up against that army right there is an uphill battle but I think if that song had come out it would have shocked some people to hear Everlast going in like he did. I am just glad Em was willing to listen and that he was not too vexed about the situation where he could have been, ‘F**k that! It’s gonna end when I want it to end’. Because what do you do after that? You have to let it play out.”

In 2014, both Eminem and Everlast appeared on a Busta Rhymes track “Calm Down” in two different versions of the song. Listen to it below: 


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