Xzibit, Kxng Crooked & Rory talk about Eminem/Joe Budden beef, breakup of Slaughterhouse & more

Remy Gelenidze

N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN sit down with Xzibit to talk about how his iconic music video helped start his career and working legendary Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre. Later on Kxng Crooked and Rory join to talk about the breakup of Slaughterhouse and the notorious Eminem and Joe Budden beef.

Kxng Crooked: I just felt like Joe Budden’s approach was wrong. If you do not like something, ‘It is not for me,’ or ‘Yo, I do not like it,’ or, Eminem’s the homie, but this is not for me.’ But when you say something is ‘trash,’ you s**t on Paul Rosenberg’s rollout, you are taking it a little further. And then I know the backstory; I know that there were some issues that Joe Budden felt against the label. You are not giving Eminem a fair critique now, because cause now you have got malice behind what you are saying; it is personal. My whole thing was like, just keep it a buck.

Kxng Crooked: Eventually, it came out with, ‘I felt like I was better than Eminem’ for the last ten years,’ and more. Every MC is supposed to feel like they are the best, so I will give him that. Now that you have said that, I think you have got to back it up with more than just a statement. Because Eminem came at you, where you at, Joe? You said that you was better than him for the past ten years. He gave you a few bars. You gotta back it up now; you just said this. If you do not back it up, I do not think even you believe it is true.

Xzibit: You can’t just say you are not responding because of retirement. All bets are off.

Kxng Crooked: I feel like Joe forgot about the helping hand when he was saying what he was saying. I do not forget solid s**t; that is just not how I am cut. I never forget solid s**t. So I would think as long as Eminem and Paul did not cross him in some type of way, I would think Joe Budden would have enough respect to be like, ‘Yo, I am not going to step on the gas on this one.’ – Knxg Crooked

Kxng Crooked: It definitely affected Slaughterhouse. Because me and Royce were working behind the scenes, trying to get the Glass House album out to the people. The ‘Untouchable critique was like a grenade; he took the pin out and tossed that b**ch.

Kxng Crooked: I believe we came in at a time on Shady where Em did not have to do so much s**t. He was used to having one formula to make things rock. But that formula was changing with the times. So what Em did, he said, ‘Okay, that first round that is on me. You all go back in and make another album, and I’m going to just let you all rock. Whatever you all wanna do, handle it the way you all want to handle it. Roll it out how you want to roll it out, just do you.’ We all agreed and went back into the lab. That is my problem: if you agree to go back and record another album and give it another shot, why is we still talking about last album. Then the team broke up.

Kxng Crooked: Was Slaughterhouse a brotherhood? I thought it was. Then, at times, I say, ‘I do not think it was.’ I am just cut different; I got three Slaughterhouse tattoos. When it was going down, if anybody was in trouble, I was there with them. It was just a different scenario.

Rory: This is an ambush; I want to get this on record. I saw Crook’ outside; Crook’ is love all day. This is a total ambush; I just want to make that clear… Slaughterhouse is none of my business. Why would you all ask me about Slaughterhouse? I can not objectively talk about Slaughterhouse. One of their members is family to me. That is their business.

Rory: I think a lot of the things that Joe was quoted as saying were made up, if you go back and look at what he actually said on Everyday Struggle. I think it got blown out of proportion. I think a lot of s**t went to headlines. Just knowing Joe personally, and how much he loves Eminem, and respects him, s**t got blown out of proportion, dog.

Kxng Crooked: He used the word ‘trash,’ and I think that was disrespectful. ‘It is trash, throw it in the rice,’ or some s**t. You know what Joe be saying. But yeah, I mean, that is going too far.

Kxng Crooked: I think Joe was bugging. I know you do not want to have that conversation, yeah, but my whole thing is, like I was saying, dog, if you got a little issue with somebody, pass on the critique of their album and their singles. Because, how can you be fair? How can you come from a place where you are just listening to it while setting your personal feelings to the side? I do not think so.

Kxng Crooked: Me and Royce, we were very hands on with Slaughterhouse. From the beginning to end. We really went in the trenches for Slaughterhouse. You get me? So when you go in the trenches like that, if you got a communication line with your brothers, then you talk to your brothers. ‘Yo, this is what I am about to do. Is this gonna harm anything that you guys are doing to try and get Glass House out right now? Because I do not like my time to be wasted. If I am flying from California to New York, sitting in them offices, fighting for this Glass House s**t, on my own time, let me know if you are gonna throw a grenade at somebody. Just let me know, and I will not get on that plane. You feel me?

As Kxng Crooked finishes his sentence, Rory gets up and exits the room without a goodbye. With a belly-laugh, Kxng Crooked claims, “It got awkward.” Seconds later, the episode ends.

Watch the full episode of Drink Champs below. Kxng Crooked enters at 1:08:10 and Rory joins at 1:42:56.


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