New Interview: Sway clears the air for Token about ‘beef with Eminem’

Remy Gelenidze

Young Boston rapper Token, who went viral on YouTube for his music video “No Sucka MC’s” few years ago, has recently set down with Sway In The Morning where he talked about ‘beef with Eminem.’ You can read and watch the interview below:

Sway: Some of the lyrics you did on “Patty Cake” a lot of people thought you were coming at Eminem when you said “Turn down meeting Eminem before dumba**es call me the new Eminem, suck my d**k.”

Token: That was a while ago. That’s not a diss to Eminem at all. Honestly, the thinking behind me, turning down someone I wanted to meet, I didn’t feel ready. When the opportunity came that was right after the show and I’m fresh out of bedroom. I’m fresh out recording everything from my house. Never in front of anyone. And my thinking is that, once I’m give an opportunity like that to be in front of someone that stature, that legendary, I wanted to be undeniable what I’m bringing to the table and I’m confident enough to know that I’m gonna be there. I was 17. If I come there and he doesn’t love it then that’s a waste of my time. That’s not a diss. I’d be stupid to come at someone who I grew up listening to and I’m clearly influenced by.

Sway: In the song “Greatest” from Kamikaze album Em says: “No more shiners, already too much time tokin’ rappers. I hear you talkin’ s**t, I’m just too big to respond to it.” Folks thought he was talking about you. I’m glad you said that’s not a diss cause Em been serving up careers lately, people that come at him.

Token: I get sent those lyrics all the time but the thing is I don’t know him but to me, my automatic thinking is ‘what you talking about, I still feel like I’m the same kid who is listening to The Eminem Show. I never took at as a diss.

Sway: Let me clear the air. I talked to authorities, extremely close to Eminem and by no means is he dissing you or anything he said is a diss. Let me set the record straight. And if I’m saying it, it’s real so welcome to Shade 45.


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