New Interview: Lord Jamar says blacks who listen to Eminem are ‘just corny ni**as’

Remy Gelenidze

Lord Jamar has recently set down with VLADTV and of course they talked about Eminem. Too bad VLAD needs to talk about Eminem to get couple of views but it is what it is. Below is the interview:

“Of course he is not the king of Hip-Hop. Who listens to Eminem? They never listen to Eminem in the hood. If we hear it, we say ‘oh this white boy rhyming is good’ but none of us f**k with Eminem. And the only black people who really f**k with Eminem are the corny ones. I can’t speak for them but we don’t f**k with Eminem. Period. He’s not the greatest of anything.”

“Don’t go back to this old f**king quotes of people that were asked about Eminem when he was in his prime. They might wanted a favor. They might wanted a record with him. So they said all these stuff. Trust me, Rakim doesn’t listen to Eminem!”

“2 Chainz made a record with Eminem but does 2 Chainz right around listening to Eminem? NO! He did a record with Eminem because it’s advantages to his career. Bunch of people would do that. People say ‘oh Rakim said Eminem’s one of the best.’ Let’s ask them now. They asked this questions when Eminem’s was on his height. People like Rakim knew that Eminem looked up to them and they were like ‘if I say something positive about this guy maybe that’s extra check for me.’ I would have said it too. And I did like Eminem. Never said he was the best.”

Listen to the full interview below:

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