Eminem lyrics that salute boxing legend Muhammad Ali

Remy Gelenidze

On the 3rd of June, 2016, boxing legend Muhammad Ali died after a long battle with Parkinson’s disease. Ali was not a hip-hop artist but he inspired and influenced many of the rap’s lyricist on their way to success, including Eminem.

“He’s always been there, as a symbol for fighting against the odds, the system and the hatred. It’s hard to believe he’s actually not with us anymore, but he will never be gone.” The statement was made by Eminem on the day Ali died.

Aslo, remember when Eminem did Question and Answer session on Facebook back in 2013 to promote The Marshall Mathers LP2? One of the fans asked which person from history he admires the most and Eminem’s response was the following: “Ali, wasn’t afraid of any challenge.”

The greatest boxer of all time would have turned 77 today. To honor his birthday, we have listed Eminem’s lyrics that salute legendary Muhammad Ali.

Song: “Greatest”

Album: “Kamikaze”

Lyrics: “You gotta be diamond to even climb in the ring. Anomaly, I’m Muhammad Ali
cause I know one day I’m gonna be the greatest.”


Song: “My Darling”

Album: “Relapse” (Deluxe Edition)

Lyrics: “I don’t compete with nobody I just go hard. Do the rope-a-dope Ali shuffle and dance around my opponents.”

Song: “Topless”

Album: (Leaked)

Lyrics: “Don’t act like I’m Hollywood when I probably could. I don’t polly, Muhammad Ali of rap, I don’t lolly gag.”

Song: “Groundhog Day”

Album: “The Marshall Mathers LP2”

Lyrics: “I’m in a league Muhammad’s in. Ali’s my colleague bombin’ ’em. Probably end up on top of ’em.”

Song: “Vegas”

Album: “Shady XV”

Lyrics: “They sayin’ I must bring it as Mohammad until the Parkinson’s done ate away my brain.”



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