Daylyt says Eminem is not the King Of Rap, names “Revival” as his best album

Remy Gelenidze

One of the most notorious battle rapper Daylyt has recently set down with VLADTV to talk about Eminem’s place in Hip-Hop. Here is what he has to say:

“[Gucci Mane said Eminem’s not the king of Hip-Hop] and he’s not lying. Eminem is not the king of rap. He’s most definitely a king of wordplay. There is a lot of people who don’t relate to Eminem. A lot, like, a lot. The super urban community don’t bump Eminem. Black community likes Eminem and I say this because I’m Eminem fan. I’m speaking as fan’s perspective so in the comments don’t judge me as an artist hating another artist. We like Eminem for his wordplay. We like that he’s able to put words together like no other I’ll give him that. As far as he puts words together and makes things rhyme, syllables and stuff like that, he’s the best. One of the bests. But as far as actual content matters, no. Whenever Eminem tries to go very content-based the world doesn’t fuck with it. Because he already built his world on what they like from him.”

“I think REVIVAL was his best album. I’m talking about from what he has actually to say in the project. He dropped KAMIKAZE and everybody jumped like ‘Eminem is back’ but it was bunch of nothing, gibberish, content wise. But everybody is like ‘Eminem is back, we’ve been waiting for this. He’s murdering rappers. He’s back.’ But with REVIVAL he was trying to tell the world something and they wasn’t trying to hear it.”

“Lord Jamar is my G but Imma change his whole perspective. First of all, black people, we need to stop saying that Hip-Hop is our culture because it’s not. Hip-Hop is not ours. Nothing about hip-hop is ours. Absolutely nothing and I’m gonna tell you why it’s not ours. The clothes that we wear it’s not ours. We didn’t create none of these moterf**kers. We didn’t make jeans, we didn’t make none of this s**t. Even the f**king language that we speak, it ain’t ours.”

Listen to the full interview below:

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