Snoop Dogg announces new album & Stans think there is Eminem feature on it

Remy Gelenidze

Legendary Snoop Dogg has announced the title and the release date of the follow up of his 2018 release Bible Of Love on Christmas day.

In his Instagram video, Snoop Dogg says: “Merry Christmas, everybody open up gifts and doing other good s**t but guess what I’m doing? I’m in the studio, working on another album. Yup, working on another album for 2019 and I’m almost done and name of the album? “I Wanna Thank Me.” So make sure you get it when it comes out.”

Later, Snoop announced the release date of I Wanna Thank Me via Instagram post: “New Snoop Dogg record. February 2019.”

Some Stans from Reddit think that there might be Eminem on his upcoming album since Eminem and Snoop Dog have been in the studio quite often lately.

Back in the days, Snoop Dogg said: “Eminem killed Jay Z on his own s**t, I don’t want Eminem on my album. I’m cool.” But maybe it’s time those two to make another song together? “B**ch Please II” was on Eminem’s album. Maybe it’s time for Em to pay his debt?

Check the video for more details below:

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