Confirmed Eminem-featured songs that we will probably never hear

Remy Gelenidze

1. LL Cool J – “N/A” ft. Eminem (Album: G.O.A.T. 2

“Me and Em, we have a song, he just recently let me listen to his verse and it’s just crazy, he’s chainsaw and s**t. It’s good! I think people will be pleasantly surprised when they hear me and him rapping together. It’s the first time we did something together and shout out to Em and Rosenberg and to his whole crew, staff, everybody… This is a record that I think people gonna be excited… What I did with Em is super HOT! “ – LL Cool Jay (2014)


2. 50 Cent – “Champions” ft. Eminem (Album: Street King Immortal)

“The other song is ‘Champion,’ me and Em. We actually recorded it in Detroit and it’s one of those songs that Em was set on this record. Because when he heard it, he was like ‘this is for me and Fifty’ and he wrote his verse on actual record and I came in and played it and I was like ‘ok this is cool, let me think how actually I wanna approach the record,’ then I go to other studio to record it and had to hear it again. Because he made mentions and I don’t wanted to make same mentions. Some of the people that he got a lot of respect for and music culture and I don’t wanna repeat that.” – 50 Cent (2013)


3. Royce Da 5’9″ – “Rap On Steroids,” ft. Assassin & Eminem (Album: Trust the Shooter EP)

At the and of this song, Eminem’s shouting “Shady I’m rapping on!.” When it was released, in the early 2016, off Trust the Shooter EP, Royce said that this is just a snippet and full song features Eminem. Jahlil Beats, the producer of the song, has also confirmed it.


4. Dr. Dre – Die Hard ft. Eminem (Album: Detox)

The song premiered on the final episode of “Fight Camp 360º: Pacquio vs. Mosley” in 2011. It was reported that full song with Eminem’s verse would be released soon but the song has never seen the light of the day.


5. Daylyt – “N/A” ft. Eminem (Album: N/A) 

“My relationship with Eminem is weird. Because he’s like the weirdest person in the world. He doesn’t talk but he talk a lot, it’s weird… So after the Total Slaughter reality show, you gotta think this is the greatest rapper on the planet, he doesn’t give a f**k about you ni**a’s lyrics, you don’t impress him. So I had this in mind the whole time. Eminem said in trailer, he was like ‘I wanna see some dope raps, I wanna see something crazy,’ I had that in my mind the whole time, I was like ‘Yo, what Eminem would do in the moment like this?’ He would show his f**king a**. Literally. So when I got to that big moment I’m like ‘Yo, I know Eminem’s gonna watch this, I want this motherf**ker to crack-up dying.’ After that I got the call and it was like ‘Yo, here is a gift for you,’ and I didn’t know what it was. I download the wave and it was just random hook and I was like ‘Oh s**t, OKAY. I replied to the email but nobody replied back, then I was like ‘What the f**k I thought we had some kind of friendship’ [Laughs]. He had zero connection… It was like here ni**a take it, now get the f**k out of here. I hit the DM on twitter, on Instagram but nobody replied , then I was like just gotta be happy with what I got.”  – Daylyt (2016)

Talking about Em starts at 24:30:


6. Boogie – “Freak” ft. Eminem & Anderson .Paak (Album: Bodied Movie Soundtracks)


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