Kxng Crooked responds Eminem’s interview with Sway, talks MGK & Joe Budden

Remy Gelenidze

Kxng Crooked has recently hit the Instagram Live to talk about Eminem second part interview with Sway:

“After watching Eminem’s part two interview with Sway, here is my thoughts. Number one: there is a narrative there that Eminem didn’t want us to win. If Eminem didn’t want us to win, why would he spend hundreds of thousands of thousands dollars for an album “Welcome to: Our House” and then turn around and spend thousands for “Glass House” ? Ask yourselves couple questions. If somebody doesn’t want you to win, why would they spend a lot of money for the first album, help you to promote it, do the XXL cover with you, go to radio station and doing interview with you, take you all around the country, around the world. Why would they do that if their mission is you to fail?”

“I get a lot of DMs from Em’s haters, saying crazy things about Em: “he destroys Slaughterhouse, he ruined it, he didn’t promote it, he didn’t work on it” and all this stuff. I hope you watched that part two interview. Even if you are Em hater, go watch part two and tell me how you feel when he starts talking about Slaughterhouse cause I see the passion. I really believe that Eminem wanted the group to go to the next level. I do not believe it was his intention for the group to fail. Why? It doesn’t help Shady Records. It doesn’t help business reputation, it helps nobody. Even though Em is feeling how is he feeling he kept in his book and said Slaughterhouse are some of the best lyricists in the game, said we’re the best group ever. That’s coming from Marshall. Even when all this smoke going on he still keeping that part real” 

Then Kxng Crooked continues talking about Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly beef. Watch the full video below:


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