Mr. Porter tells the background of “This Corner,” the first ever solo song over Eminem beat

Remy Gelenidze

Mr. Porter has recently talked about the song “This Corner,” off Southpaw Soundtracks album, which is produced by Eminem, on his latest Instagram post:

“It is rare that I get to do songs over other producers beats and this one is super special because it was the first time I did a solo song over my brother Eminem beat. I did not really know this was coming my way, I was working on a lot of songs for myself and just getting feed back on a direction. He gave me this Beat and I instantly went in the studio with Marv Won and Next Level Mastering and came up with this song. I had the pleasure of seeing the movie before it came out so I knew the story line. I had worked on score for other movies Musically “waist deep” which I co scored for “Fast 5”, “Shark tales” as well but this was different, it was actually my first solo release this way via a movie platform. The mistake people make I see a lot is they lose their excitement for doing what they love. This had me excited to first prove I could do it, to Paul Rosenberg and Eminem. They are like a family bar I am always trying to catch the ear of, but also to fans that only hear the D12 side of me. And though I have a lot to do still and a lot of music to release this one is super special to me and I am still excited about people hearing other sides of me musically. Thank you to all you all who support me and root for me and always have.”

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