Westside Gunn claims rappers, including Drake, are copying his work

Remy Gelenidze

Shady Records’ Westside Gunn thinks today’s rappers, including Drake, are copying his work and promises to be one of the greatest hip-hop artist sooner or later. Check his Instagram post below:

“I just wanna say something. I don’t know, Drake, he probably a cool dude, who knows and I am just speaking my mind and will take this down soon because I take everything down, not because of anybody trust me, but my company logo is the scorpion and coincidentally he names his album “Scorpion.” I was at Coachella wearing the hat and somebody says, ‘is that Drake’s hat?’ I almost smacked him, now he is rocking Scott Hall s**t when I have never seen this ni**a anywhere at any Wrestling eventand I go by Hall, my point… This industry is funny as hell, they never pay homage to the ni**as who do this s**t for real. They only acknowledge the ni**as they d**kride. My s**t out the mood and I am way ahead of my time, I was robbed off the Ghost Buster s**t, the half and half s**t, I barely get spoke about because I am from Buffalo and not NYC, I barely get blogged about or even mentioned for the same s**t ni**as copy years later, or blatantly, I guess, wrestling is cool now because of Migos when them ni**as are years late. I have nothing against anybody and ni**as know I give it up in real life. F**k this industry s**t but just know I father a lot of s**t with no credit just to watch ni**as get all of it. I just gotta laugh, like I always say I don’t know how old you are, how much money you have, how much you sold, when I look at ni**as I feel untouchable, I don’t know when it is gonna happen but I will be the biggest ni**a in Hip Hop. Just watch it is gonna start wit CHRIS BENOIT album. The reason I named it that is because I will kill anything. You all better stay woke, I am the culture and again I have no beef whatsoever with anybody. I’m on my own d**k.”

Instagram post is now deleted.  

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