New Interview: Eminem & Rick Rubin Talk About “Walk On Water,” 2 Pac & More

Remy Gelenidze

Eminem and Rick Rubin set down with Malcolm Gladwell for Broken Record to talk about their new song “Walk On Water,” featuring Beyonce and much more. You can read and listen to the interview below:

“When you are starting your career you have blank canvas. So you can paint anywhere that you want because the s**t was not painted on yet and then your second album comes out and you paint little more and you paint little more. By the time you get to you seventh or eighth album you have already painted all over. There is nowhere else to paint. It is like where would you go and people are always expecting something different from you. ‘I want him to talk about this. I want him to talk about that. I want him to just spit. He does too much rapidy rapidy. I do not like how he puts the syllables that it do not mean anything.’ There is less places to go that you have not already been.” – Eminem

“I did not even play this song for Eminem like ‘listen to this this is great.’ It was more like I happened to be listening to it and he came in the room and he said ‘yo what is that’ ? and I said ‘oh, it is a hook Skylar Grey wrote. He just sat there. He was just listening to it and he was like ‘hm.’ – Rick Rubin

“For Eminem mumble rap is a little bit of cultural shock because there is new wave of hip-hop that is not really what he is about. I could see he was frustrated by it. He is fanatical to a point that, I do not think I have ever seen that in anyone, just his attention to details. He has a perfect memory of everything about the music and he gets inside of it and writes to whatever is good or bad about it. He wants the rhythm of the words to bounce off of the beat in a very particular way.” – Rick Rubin

“I have been a student of hip-hop and I always study rap and one of the things I have learned from 2 Pac was.. I do not know how he always knew the right words to say on the right chords. I studied that and I was like ‘oh my God he’s genius’. He never said wrong thing to wrong chord. Listen to “Dear Mama,” every single thought, every single word, every bar was so in place where it should be.” – Eminem

“It is a very mortal song. I mean, its mortality, you know not being a superman and what if I can not come up with the best s**t I have ever wrote every single time.” – Eminem

“Rick went to see Jay Z. Beyonce was out of town. He liked it and she liked it.” – Malcolm Gladwell

Watch the full new interview below and please tell us your opinion about “Walk On Water” i nthe comments section of our social media accounts:

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