New Interview: Hopsin Wants to Collaborate with Eminem | Talks About Recent Eminem Music

Remy Gelenidze

Hopsin has recently set down with REAL 92.3 LA to talk about his absence from hip hop, XXXtentacion, liking Drake, his dream collaborations and how he likes the new Eminem, compared to Slim Shady.

Interviewer: Who your fans want you to collaborate with? 

Hopsin: Eminem’s number one. Everyone is messaging me ‘you gotta collaborate with Eminem.’ I’m a big fan everything Aftermath was doing when I was in High School. So I would love to collab with 50 Cent, Eminem, the whole D12, Obie Trice. Everything they did was f**king dope. That is what I wish hip hop was.” 

Interviewer: As Eminem fan, I would like to ask you, I’m always debating about this with my friends. I’m so f**king tired with the new Eminem with Skylar Grey f**king hooks. What are your thoughts about recent Eminem music? 

Hopsin: I’m bigger fan of older, Slim Shady stuff. He’s in the place now that he’s doing what he wants to do because he’s literally biggest f**king rapper in the world. He has been the rawest rapper in the world. Everything these MCs are trying to do he has done it. Touched all this people’s hearts already. So I think when you been doing music so long it becomes exciting to just do new s**t. Doesn’t even matter if old fans would f**k with it or whatever it is. People tell me ‘man you gotta do stuff like old Hopsin’. Man, I like what I’m doing today. I genuinely like what I’m doing. I don’t give a f**k about old Hopsin, if they want that old Hopsin, it’s right there, go listen to it. So, I love everything Eminem does overall because I’m just like Stan fan.  

Listen to the interview below:


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