2 Chainz Says He Did the Verse for Eminem’s New Album | Details How It All Happened

Remy Gelenidze

2 Chainz stops by Streetz Is Watchin with his daughters; to talk about his latest album “Pretty Girls Like Trap Music”, The Trap House, family time with Kanye West getting in the studio with Eminem, and

“When I met Eminem he didn’t want to talk about nothing but rap and that was the great phone call to get. Mr. Porter called me and he was like we wanna do something with you. They were in Malibu. Rick Rubin’s house and I was not sure if this was for D12 or Eminem, it’s not clear, and I think they wanted me to redo the hook that Eminem said and maybe some ad-libs too. But I said I don’t redo hooks because I write my own hooks. I said to Tech let me be humble, let me just go meet Eminem.”

“So when we first went in he let me to hear the song and it was funny, the hook was over and there was some space and then he’s like ‘yeah’ and he started rapping and then I’m like ‘DAMN’. So when I heard the hook, I thought ‘man this going to be hard to change it up’ because it was specifically for this. So I’m telling him like ‘maan that’s cool but I gotta do something’ and he was like ‘you can do verse’ for like a remains. I and I tell him straight up ‘Eminem, why would you need a remix for?  remixes are used to carry records to the number one spot. When have you ever did a remix for someone or for yourself? and he was like ‘that’s cap, you don’t need to do a remix’.” 

“Then he says ‘who else is with you here,’ I said ‘it’s my partner who else, I don’t want to play games with you. Listen let me go outside and smoke.’ He was walking around with notebook, I was walking around with lighter. My daughter was hospital at that time so I was trying to do mine as fast as possible. I like coming up with clever stuff really quick. So I had to talk my daughter and and I told Em forgive me it’s taking so long and he was like ‘no go ahead.’ And.. I don’t know how to count bars so I told my engineer ‘Eminem is rapping for like days, the second verse just mute that verse, how ever long the verse is I’m doing it that verse.” 

“I just did a song with Royce Da 5’9″, so Em telling me he listens to Kendrick and he listens to me, man, I’m so honored… And I don’t care if there is twenty people or the audience in the studio but when Em was working, everybody left. And when I’m working I want everybody to stick around me. So when it was all over Eminem, we played the song three-four times and I noticed nobody’s there they don’t let anybody in the studio but I’m like ‘Cousin you need to hear this! Tech you need to hear this! Go get everybody! So after that he told me about that ad-lib part not to worry about it. Everything changed once I did the verse. He got the project coming out, that’s for his project.” 

You better watch the interview from 17:36 below because it was a bit hard to understand what 2 Chainz was saying 🙂


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