Westside Gunn & Conway Speak on Signing with Eminem (Plus New Freestyle)

Remy Gelenidze

Sway: What does [signing with Shady Records] feels like? 

Conway: It’s a dream come true, man. You can imagine how that feel.

Sway: When did you first meet Em? 

Westside Gunn: “I’ve been f**king with Paul [Rosenberg] for a while, that’s a big hommie. He gave us opportunity. We really just met Marshall for the first time couple of weeks ago in Detroit and soon as he seen us and we seen him it was just like all love man, shout out to Marshall. This was going on for a while man, shout out to Mike. I was going back and forth to the offices like a year and every time I’m in New York I show up, play new music, we kicking, we build. First it was going to be like ‘Goliath Management thing’ and then it ended a label deal. It’s crazy how things worked. Paul was like ‘You know what? f**k the management. I got something better for you all’ and it was like ‘wow.’ I was not expecting it. Because I was working hard for few years to even make this happen and it worked out just like that.

Then Westside Gunn reveals that they have a project coming with Eminem’s DJ – Alchemist.  You can watch the interview and freestyle below:


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