RARE: Eminem Calls Lauryn Hill Racist, Says He Can Battle Anybody Including KRS-1 (1999)

Remy Gelenidze

This a very rare interview of Eminem from 1999 where he talks about Canibus, Lauryn Hill, KRS One, Vanilla Ice, Royce Da 5’9″, Big Proof and more:

Interviewer: Would you battle KRS One ?

Eminem: I would battle anybody who calls me out and people better know that. I don’t even take battling as serious as I used to. I usually do it for fun and it’s all love so whoever wants to come to the table with it, you know what? Bring it! 

Interviewer: Who does Slim Shady wants to collaborate with? Lauryn Hill? KRS-1? Public Enemy?

Eminem: First word (Lauryn Hill) you said is dirty word for me. Because I’ve heard a lot of stuff about her and how she is towards white people. I’ve heard a lot of things that she’s racist and I can’t prove it but I’ve heard a lot of stuff and it’s a lot of controversy so if it’s like that I don’t even wanna get down like that.. whatever whatever whatever, that’s her business…I’m not collaboration type MC. 

Then Eminem talks about Vanilla Ice:

“When he started lying that was the end of his career. You watch his career go down the tools. When you constantly lie. He was trying to be someone he is not. He was fake. I’m like this, if you are from suburbs and if you wanna rap about it then rap about being from suburbs. Whatever you gotta do be proud of where you came from because nobody on this planet can help what color they are nobody can help with the way they are born, what they look like, where they grew up at. So just be yourself! The minute you start being yourself you gonna win.” 

Em talks about race:

“Anybody who pulls a race-card on me is gonna get it double back in their face. I’m waiting for it. I’ve dealt with the race card for all of my life, where I grew up at, how I grew up, how I lived, where I came up at, I’ve dealt with it all my life and I’m telling you I’m at the boiling point in my life right now where I swear to God anybody who plays that race card will get triple on their face.”   

Listen to the full interview below:

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