Joe Budden Debates “No Favors” & Wether Eminem is Too Old to Be Rapping

Remy Gelenidze

Joe Budden has recently talked about Eminem and “No Favors” with AG TV. Check out the interview below:

Person 1: I absolutely hate Eminem’s verse on “No Favors.” I think Eminem has not said anything worthwhile in the last maybe 4 years. What was the last dope verse that was about something?

Joe Budden: Be clear, Eminem’s one of the greatest rappers in the universe.

Person 1: Eminem is probably 1 or 1B greatest lyricist ever in my book and I think, which I kinda understand, he has earned himself pretty much the past to do whatever the f**k he wants now it’s because he’s been great over the years. I don’t think Eminem has been great for a long time. This verse here (No Favors) sounds like Eminem has not seen outside in couple of years.

Person 2: Why? He made lots of relevant and in-the-moment references. He made couple of 2016 and 2017 references.

Joe Budden: I think you are fan of Em with content, not that Em that just continues to rhyme words.

Person 1: There’s a lot of people I’ve been seen, are like, when the verse came out it was ‘ok, you are technically dope but what the f**k did he just rap about?’ and no one can tell me. You are showing us schemes and how to flip the bars but you said nothing worthwhile. Same is for “Rap God”.

Joe Budden: But are these records supposed to be chock full of content? Name of the song is Rap God, you didn’t really think you were getting content from a song called Rap God.

Person 2: I think Eminem is in that point now where he can get on the record and say ‘hey look I rap better than you all, just wanted to remind you.’ I’m not saying I love that “No Favors” verse but it just shows that Eminem can come back at any time at 45 years old and say ‘hey guys, remember me? I’m better than you all.’

Person 1: Now, who else does that? Andree 3000! But you know what? His verses are actually dope. And it’s true!

Joe Budden: No, don’t do that, don’t do that. That’s not true! Andree has never had his album out! That’s why! It’s totally different when you are able to do that over an entire body of work. Eminem does that. That’s the difference between him doing it and coming out real quick and remind everybody ‘I’m still better than you all’ and now we think that something is coming. Stop! When Em pops his head out there is very calculated shady, we think something is happening and when Andree does it we know that nothing else is happening. That’s my only point.

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