Big Sean Talks About “No Favors ft. Eminem” with Tim Westwood

Remy Gelenidze

Big Sean has recently set down with Tim Westwood to talk about his new album and new song with Eminem. The album “I Decided” drops on the 3rd of February.

“I have not seen Eminem sound that good for years but you hang with him on that one. It feels like you [Big Sean] brought him [Eminem] back. Like amazing!” – Tim Westwood

“I don’t think that. He has been back. I don’t think he ever left.” – Big Sean

“Eminem’s back the way someone like me really wants him to be, man” – Tim Westwood

“When I heard the verse you can just imagine my feelings. It reminded me the first time I heard him just from an excitement standpoint. I was just so excited. I feel like, Eminem, throughout his whole career, has just tried and being very successful, obviously in everything, he’s the biggest rapper of all time, just look at the numbers. And you can imagine what’s that like coming up from Detroit and looking up to that.” – Big Sean

“You sounded crazy [on your verse], it’s like lyrical exercise. You just smashed that down. Definitely, unbelievable! NO FAVORS MAN!” – Tim Westwood

Listen to the full interview below:


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