Here Is Big Sean’s Full Interview with Zane Lowe where He Talks About New Song with Eminem

Remy Gelenidze

Big Sean did an exclusive interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music’s Beats 1 radio and talked about his new song “No Favors,” featuring Eminem, off his upcoming album “I Decided,” which drops on 3rd of February.

“In the song, there’s a voice comes in and it’s like out of body experience because it doesn’t sound like who it is at first and first time I heard I was like ‘who is this?! this guy is gonna be a megastar!’ and it tours out he already is. [It’s Eminem]” – Zane Lowe

“Eminem was the only person I heard that could be on that song. It reminded me of why I am such an Eminem fan. It reminded me of why I fell in love with Eminem’s work. He’s unique. He’s special. When I first heard him, I feel like he was bringing new flows to the game. When he did this verse, it brought that feeling right back to me like, ‘Wow. This is a brand new energy.’” – Big Sean

“You sent the track with your verse on it. So Eminem took inspiration from your verse and he did that verse. I’m gonna say it. You can’t. F**k it, so I will. If Eminem wasn’t inspired he wouldn’t have done it. If he was not inspired to take it that far he wouldn’t done a verse the way it was. And beat’s great but no beats can make a man or anyone rap like that. Male or female. No beats gonna do that.” – Zane Lowe

“When I heard the verse I played it back over and over and over again and I was just sitting in the studio in shock. All the things he said were so necessary for the album…That’s what I was happy about. I’m glad that he addressed things, conceptually, that necessarily weren’t addressed. Super thoughtful. You’re gonna have to get back and listen to the verse few more times.” – Big Sean

“Before anything. I was like, ‘You’re one of the only people I want on this album.’ I was telling him the story of the album, what it meant to me, and he honestly told me, ‘I want to be a part of it, but I don’t know if I’m gonna have time.’ That was what I got back when I was talking to him. I was like, ‘Damn. I don’t know if he’s gonna come through with it.’ Then, randomly, out of nowhere, I got the Eminem verse.” – Big Sean

“You can just imagine, waking up and seeing a call from [Eminem’s manager] Paul Rosenberg, talking to him, him saying he did the verse. I go in the studio and I hear that verse…We heard this and we lost our minds, man. I’m just happy that if I did inspire it in any way, if I helped bring that out, I’m just happy that happened. I don’t want to take any credit for how good his verse is. Let’s be clear. That’s all Eminem. He did good. I remember talking to him on the phone. He was talking about what it meant and one of the things he said was, ‘I’m just happy to be a part of it and happy you like it.’ Eminem, man. Definitely, I appreciate that. That’s major for me.” –  – Big Sean

“‘No more favors’ it’s like so low, odd, wired and strange [Highlighting Eminem’s new flow]” – Zane Lowe

Zane Lowe also calls Eminem’s verse  “Madness” on twitter. Listen to the full interview and check the tweet below:



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