Year In Review: Eminem In 2016 (Part 3)

Remy Gelenidze


July, 2016


★ Eminem received 25th VEVO Certification Award for “Stan.”

★ Royce Da 5’9″ said Eminem killed Jay Z on “Renegade” and called Dizaster and Loaded Lux Eminem’s spawns.


★ Charlamagle Tha God shouted out Eminem on twitter:


★ Eminem attended Hamilton show:


★ Eminem’s former bodyguard said Suge Knight wanted Eminem dead and sent guns to kill him.


★ Joe Budden referenced Eminem in “Just Because,” a diss track towards Drake: We heating up, you know the fire Marshall in doubt, Irony, irony, I ain’t spoke to Marshall in a while, He said “Budden get your stuff together, you busy ruffling feathers” 


★ Gucci Mane talked about Eminem: “I think I’m the easiest to imitate. I can’t imitate Eminem. And they can’t imitate Eminem, nobody can imitate Eminem but they can imitate Gucci. Is Eminem good? Yes. Do I recognize he’s super talented? Hell yeah! But do I want to play that when I jump in my Maybach? No.”


August, 2016


★ Mac Miller murks Nick Cannon with Eminem reference on Wild ‘N Out: “I ain’t gonna stab you. I don’t gotta say anything. Eminem already got you.” 

★ Ebro lied to the whole world, saying Eminem is about to diss Drake:


★ Ice T, Kxng Crooked and Rob Markman  reacted to that lie:


★ Barack Obama pumped himself up with Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” before the speech:


★ Eminem’s “Without Me” was featured in the soundtracks album of Suicide Squad movie:


★ Swifty McVay of D12 announced new D12 album with Eminem:


★  Michael Phelps listened to Eminem before winning gold medals at Rio Olympics 2016.


★ Drake brought out Eminem at Detroit show to perform “Forever,” bowed down to him and called him the greatest who ever touched the microphone:


★ Nick Cannon said he is fan of Eminem and called him the greatest:


★ Tech N9ne referenced Eminem in a song “The Needle”:

“I was blessed to do a song, with Marshall Mathers, I was thinkin when the MCs hear this, their hearts’ll shatter.” 


★ Lil Wayne talked about Eminem:


★ Young Buck referenced Eminem in a freestyle “Free Young Buck”: “…It’s okay y’all the truth here. I know Eminem feelin’ like me, we wish Proof was here, Obituary like a souvenir, We just look at ’em and reminisce about when you was here…”


September, 2016.


★ Eminem produced Skylar Grey’s “Come Up For Air”:


★ Eminem topped the list of Most Intelligent  Hip-Hop/RnB Artists For The Past 10 Years:

★ Skylar Grey talked about Eminem influence on her album “Natural Causes.”

★ 50 Cent shouted out Eminem while performing in NY.


★ Eminem donated school stuff to Flint students

★ Legendary Redman talked about Eminem: ““Eminem is one of my top. A lot of people were mad at me for saying that but yeah I can say that because not cultural related or race related, it’s because I like his work ethics. Album for album, he was banging.”


★ Tyga talked about being inspired by Eminem: “The first rap album I bought was Eminem’s The Slim Shady LP so I wasn’t even based on West Coast rap like that. I didn’t get into Tupac until a little later, once I started understanding rap and people’s stories. Eminem was the first rapper that I actually started dissecting the lyrics.” 

★ Opera siger Joseph Calleja said his favorite artist is Eminem.

★ Eminem’s former bodyguard said the last time he met Eminem they both had guns in their hands:


★ Michael Phelps lip-synced Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” on LL Cool J’s Lip-Sync Battle show:


★ Bizarre of D12 talked about Eminem: ““I can say one label that we really wanted to mess with that didn’t end up happening was Duck Down. Eminem really wanted to be over there at Duck Down. He wanted to be at Duck Down, and I wanted to be at Def Squad. I wanted to be down with Erick Sermon.”


★ Snoop Dogg said Dr. Dre is preparing world tour with him, Eminem and Kendrick Lamar: “A Snoop-Dre album would be amazing, but a tour even more, because we have legendary music the world has yet to see us perform globally. I’m pretty sure he wants to do it. He just wants the team in place. Kendrick Lamar, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, and Dr. Dre – that’s the dream team for him.”


★ Daniel Radcliffe said he’s one of the biggest Eminem fan:


★ Lupe Fiasco shouted out Eminem on twitter:


★ Liverpool FC players were asked to guess who was on Eminem’s childhood picture:


★ Eminem released a statement following the death of 8 Mile movie director Curtis Hanson: “Curtis Hanson believed in me and our crazy idea to make a rap battle movie set in Detroit. He basically made me into an actor for 8 Mile. I’m lucky I got to know him.”

★ Juicy J talked about Eminem: “I wanna do a record with Eminem. That would be a dream come true. Eminem is that legend. He’s the man.” 


★ Skylar Grey released “Kill For You,” featuring Eminem:


★ Senator Marco Rubio talked about Eminem: “The only guy that speaks at any sort of depth is, in my mind, Eminem. He’s a guy that does music that talks about the struggles of addiction and before that violence, with growing up in a broken family, not being a good enough father.”

★ Jessica Alba talked about Eminem: “He’s so cute, I remember back in the day, I was in Miami and he was working out and I was working out and it was the first time I really ever met him and it was like ‘Me and him,’ I was already in the ‘song,’ and it was soo… I didn’t know what to say it was very awkward but I do like him and his music too, he’s really good lyricist. When I met him it was like ‘Hiii.’ I’m so awkward in person.”


★ Eminem fulfills terminally ill fan’s wish before passing away:


★ Cristiano Ronaldo listened to Eminem during the haircut :


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