Year In Review: Eminem In 2016 (Part 1)

Remy Gelenidze


January, 2016


★ iTunes listed 12 Greatest Artists Of All Time. Eminem in the only rapper on the list.

★ Obie Trice talked about Eminem: “Eminem’s my brother, man…Anything that I need, anything that I need to deal with or any type of situation for us in the industry I can hit Em up. That’s my bro and he will be for life.” 


★ Dominic Monaghan talked about Eminem: “I only did ‘Love The Way You Lie’ video so I could meet Eminem. He’s arguably the greatest rapper of all time.”

★ The D.O.C. talked about Eminem: ” Dr. Dre played me ‘Just Don’t Give A F**k’ by Eminem. And he was like ‘What do you think about him?’ I was like ‘That mothaf**ka’s cold. Wow. This dude is dope.’


★ G-Eazy called Eminem ‘Rap God’


★ Eminem received 23rd VEVO Certification award for “Guts Over Fear.”

★ 50 Cents showed respect to Eminem: “We will forever be who we are. There’s nothing anyone can do to change that. EM is still my favorite white boy. I love him for what he did for me.” Check the original post below:


★ Talib Kweli showed respect to Eminem when arguing with Iggy Azalea on Twitter:


★ Eminem annotated the lyrics of Kings Never Die on Genius.

★ Eminem, Wiz Khalifa and Diddy donated 1 Million water bottle to Flint.

★ Dj Khaled expressed the his desire to do a collaboration with Eminem.


★ Corey Taylor talked about Eminem: “I would love to do something with Eminem. I would love to trade some stuff back and forth with him, because I love the way he writes and the way he flows and the attitude.”



February, 2016 


★ Rick Rubin talked about Eminem: ““Eminem‘s a real, unbelievable student of hip-hop. He’s maybe the most obsessive artist I’ve ever worked with in terms of someone who just full-time is writing rhymes. It’s what he does.”

★ According to Kxng Crooked Eminem wanted Kendrick Lamar to win Grammy in Album of the Year category.


★ Devon Sawa (who played Stan in Eminem’s video) said he’s still Eminem’s biggest fan: “I love Eminem. I buy all of his CDs. Playing Stan is still the best things I’ve done.”

★ Cashis releaseed “I Do This” produced by Eminem:



March, 2016


★ LL Cool J expressed the desire to do a Cypher with Eminem


★ Logic bought Eminem’s classic “The Slim Shady LP” vinyl:


★ Author Leteisha Newton said the book “Phenomenal” was inspired by Eminem’s song “Phenomenal”: “The book Phenomenal was all about the song Phenomenal by Eminem, it really fits that book.”

★ Eminem performed at Lollapalooza festival in Argentina, Brazil and Chile. The epic moment was when Em performed “FACK” for the first time ever:


★ Geologist said Eminem is a descendant of a Welsh King Rhodri Mawr The Great.

★ Eminem visited comic shop in Argentina



★ Eminem’s “The Marshall Mathers LP 2” went two times platinum in the UK.

★ Eminem called Instagram a “Photogram.”



★ “Space Bound” went silver in the UK.

★ No Morele talks about Eminem: “I like Eminem. Everybody talk about “top five,” when they going to realize it ain’t not top five without Eminem.” 

★ Trick Trick said how Proof introduced him to Eminem


★ Eminem received Brazilian plaque for selling 500,000 album copies in the country.



★ Eminem, Royce and Denaun took a selfie


★ Royce released “Rap On Steroids” that feature Eminem’s snippet.



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