The Weeknd Says Eminem Destroyed “The Hills” Remix and Jay Z on ‘Renegade’

Remy Gelenidze

The Weeknd has recently set down with Zane Lowe on Apple Music’s Beats 1 to promote his newly released album “Starboy,” where he also talked about Eminem and “The Hills” remix:

Zane Lowe: I’ve always loved that story about how….on a Blueprint by Jay Z, the only guest he had on that record was Eminem..

The Weeknd: And Em f**king crushed him. We still use that world ‘Renegade’ right now. It’s crazy. Eminem is the man. When he did ‘The Hills’ remix. I could not believe it. 

Zane Lowe: How did you find out he was gonna do it? 

The Weeknd: He called me. Because you can’t get a hold on Eminem. He has to get a hold on you. And he doesn’t call you from his phone. He calls you from studio phone. That is people who can really inspire me. I really respect people like Eminem and Daft Punk and people who let the music do the speaking. Eminem is definitely one of those people who really keeps it mysterious. 

Zane Lowe: So what did he say when he called you? Just ‘love the track let me jump on it’ ? 

The Weeknd: No no, I actually asked him and I didn’t get the response and then he hit me up and he was happy that I hit him up. I definitely owe that one for him because he destroyed it and anytime Eminem wants to hook up and do a record you already know what will happen.” 

Listen to the interview below:

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