Swifty McVay Talks Eminem’s Upcoming Album, Untold Proof Stories, D12’s New Album & More

Remy Gelenidze

D12’s Swifty McVay and D12’s hypeman Top Prospect has recently set down with Eminem.Pro where he talked about his upcoming album Grey Blood, D12’s new projects, never before heard Proof stories, Eminem’s new album and much more:

About new D12 Album

“I’m gonna be in the studio this coming week with D12 to do some new songs. We got thousands song in vault. We trying to get our paper work together to come out with something new. Hopefully next year. We don’t have the date yet. Everybody will be participating in this album, even Marshall. Kon Artis, Kuniva, Bizzare and hopefully we will bring some old Proof verses that’s been in the vault. We want to make this special for fans.” 

About the guest appearance on his album

“You get exclusive. I never tell people who’s going to be on this album. I got Kxng Crooked, I got Detroit’s own Guilty Simpson. I got Slum Village and of course D12 going to be on the album too.”

About Big Proof

“When you say that name it’s just so much greatness comes in with that name… Proof was responsible for a lot of people getting on. He was responsible creating a lot of things that made it huge. He was the big boost of motivation and energy to everybody he came across, whether he rapped or he didn’t rap, he mad an impact on somebody’s life in some kind of way….He was always ready to rap, he was always ready to perofrm. I’ve never really seen the tiredness in that man. He always had a word of wisdom. He’s creativity was off the hook. He said things that make you realize whether you were doing something wrong…”

About Top 5 Rappers

Swifty: “Of course Em. He has always been on my Top 5 even before he came out. I couldn’t wait people to hear Eminem. Kuniva is one of my favorite MCs. I like Black Thoughts of The Roots. Busta Rhymes, Redman have always been on my Top 5. And I f**k with Cassidy.”

Top Prospect: “Okay. My top 5 favorite rappers. Number one is Eminem. Number two is DMX. Number three is Ludacris. Number four is Tupac and number five is myself.”

About Eminem and his upcoming album

“He loves rapping so much that he can not leave the game so with this album I think he is gonna take things to higher level. He has the ability to bring something out of that he thought that he will never be able to bring it. HE reinvents his lyricism. He reinvents the way of thinking. He can still bring you the Marshall everybody loves. His mind is so strong with creatively thinking because he stays in his zone so much that he just brings out something more special than the last. He will always go higher to be like ‘Man, did you hear what he said. Did you hear the way he’s flowing the rhyme pattern?’ because he loves to put words together. He loves to make puzzles. He is  gonna make a lot of rappers to step their game up. If you are lazy writer and you will listen Eminem’s next record, he will make you evaluate the way you writing, re-evaluate the whole thought of becoming a rapper.”  

You can watch the full interview below:

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