New Interview: The D.O.C. Talks About Dr. Dre & Hearing Eminem For The First Time

Remy Gelenidze

During a recent interview with Vlad TV, rapper The D.O.C. discussed hearing Eminem for the first time.

The D.O.C., who was a close Dr. Dre associate, said he assisted Dre during the early years of Aftermath Records. During those beginning years is when The D.O.C. says he was introduced to a new rapper named Slim Shady:

“We hooked back up. This is right after Eminem had showed up. And I went over his house and he said ‘I wanna play you something.’ And he played me a record called ‘Just Don’t Give A F**k’ by Eminem. And he was like ‘What do you think about him?’ I was like ‘That mothaf**ka’s cold. Wow. This dude is dope.’ And then he showed me his picture. And I was like ‘Wow. You did it again.’ Like how does this happen? Cause that was it. You can’t get no better than that.”

Me and Dre, we have a falling out every couple of years. And they’re always monumental. That falling out precipitated ‘Helter Skelter’… It was because everybody had money, cars clothes, and I didn’t. And I charged him up. We got into it behind that. And he let me know some real truths about business. And I wasn’t prepared to hear it because I was still floundering… I can spend money anytime I want. I still live in the best houses. Drive the flyest cars, but none of it’s mine… I was using Dre’s money.”

“If I needed some money I’d just say ‘Hey bruh, I need some money.’ That gets a little old. But I was driving his Ferrari everywhere. Wherever he lived, I lived. It was a great life. I lived with Dre most of my life… I lived with Snoop for a time cause me and Dre was feuding. Otherwise, I’d be living with Dre.”

Listen to the whole interview below: 



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