Dr. Dre’s New Protege Justus Talks Eminem And Making Of ‘Compton’

Remy Gelenidze

Aftermath emcee and Dr. Dre’s protege Justin Mohrle aka Justus spoke to VladTV about playing small venues and growing up in Garland, Texas, before a life changing moment of signing with legendary Dr. Dre.

The “Beast” emcee also spoke about what it was like working on Dr. Dre Dre’s “Compton: A Soundtrack” album, and he shared a story about watching Kendrick Lamar walk in the studio and finish the three songs he’s featured on, “Genocide,” “Darkside/Gone,” and “Deep Water,” in just two hours. He also talked about Dr. Dre’s long awaited album Detox and hopes that people will one day get a chance to hear the songs from the album. 

Justus answered a couple of the questions about Eminem too. See it below:

Interviewer: “Are you already receiving Eminem comparisons?” 
Justus: ‘Yeah, yeah of course. I think the first time like people heard about me that was one of the headlines attached to it and it was like ‘Eminem, the new Eminem’ or Dr. Dre new protege’ or something like that. You know, Eminem was my favorite rapper growing up. He is the reason I did it. But as far as being alike or sounding alike or even looking alike.. it’s not there…so.. you know I respect Eminem one hundred percent, he’s one of the reasons I do it and Dre… I think as soon as people will hear full body of work they are gonna get it like ‘oh okay I see what that is’ and it’s not Eminem and they will see.” 

Watch the interview below:

[Via VladTV]

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