Yelawolf: “Eminem Supports Sobriety But It Sucks”

Remy Gelenidze

Shady Records artist YelaWolf, who has released new album Love Story a few weeks ago, gave an interview to the ESPN TV, read and watch the interview below: 

Interviewer: “How would you describe the relationship with Eminem?”

YelaWolf: “Marshall’s like, he’s a mentor and I consider him a friend, there is not anyone out in the industry who would have the balls to put the Love Story album out.”

Interviewer: “Eminem had a conversation with you about controlling your drinking, how did that conversation go ?”

YelaWolf: “No one controls my drinking but me, I’m the only person who can control that, God himself can not control my drinking, admittedly I’m an alcoholic and it’s a problem, I wrote a song about it called Empty Bottles on Love Story, I’m not proud of it but it’s in my genes. I do take breaks, you know I was sober for five month but I’m back drinking again and it is what it is man.”

Interviewer: “But he’s trying to help you, right ? he’s trying because he cares about you, because he’s nurturing you, because he’s a mentor, because he’s a friend, Eminem is trying to help you there, so how does that go ?”

YelaWolf: “Yes, he’s absolutely supportive of sobriety, that’s all good but that doesn’t work for me, so, so far I’m not into sober life.”

Interviewer: “Why doesn’t that work for you ?”

YelaWolf: “Because sobriety sucks. It just sucks. I’m not like role model man, honestly like, I don’t want people to watch this or go buy my album because I’m role model. I’m not that guy, man. I’m just doing me man, if I wanna drink I’m gonna drink. If I wanna party, I’m gonna party and that’s it…I love to drink, I don’t smoke. I used to smoke, do all the drugs but drink is the only thing I do, it’s the only thing I have, to escape. I don’t really care what people think to be honest.”

Watch YelaWolf’s full interview below:

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