World Record For ‘Rap God’s Not Broken, Sorry Harry Shotta

Remy Gelenidze

Recently, every top websites from Complex to HipHopDX spread the wrong information about breaking Eminem’s world record that he holds with the Rap God. Headlines like ‘Eminem’s “Rap God” Record Broken By Harry Shotta’ is false and absolutely wrong.

Yes, he may rapped more words but according to Guinness Book of World Records, Eminem set the record for the most words in a hit singles that made it in the Top 15 US Billboard Charts. And I doubt Harry Shotta’s ‘Animal’ will make it even in the Top 100. Otherwise there are a lot of underground songs, before and after Rap God, that have more words in a shorter time.

It’s also obvious Eminem was not trying to set any records cause in some part of the song he raps slowly. Eminem is just demonstrating his technical abilities. Harry’s goal was one thing: to rap faster.

You can watch both songs below: 

Eminem, Rap God

Harry Shotta, Animal

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